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Workin' Like a Dog?

... but is your Marketing Barking up the Wrong Tree?

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Are you an Underdog
BARKING up the Wrong tree?

Bark! Branding can help

For years medium and large businesses have used expensive creative agencies and huge advertising budgets to pull focus from entrepreneurs like you. As an underdog it’s time you had an agency that understands small business. Times have changed, customers and consumers are now seeking small passionate entrepreneurs, artisans, and their neighbors to provide the products and services that used to fuel the profits of the Fat Cats of big industry.
Bark! Branding is a new Marketing and Creative Agency. We are focused on entrepreneurs. Helping you grow your audience to engage the right people without barking up the wrong tree!

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Brand Strategy

Put your best paw forward. Your logo and brand identity is your first impression. Bark! Branding’s creative and strategy team will work like dogs with you to perfect your unique image to ensure you're
Barking for the right audience.


Content Creation

This is our 'Paw'ssion
Copywriting, Photography, Graphic design, Videography, Publication, Social Media, Voice Over and all things Creative to bring your marketing to life and communicate to your audience why you are the best fit for them! 


Marketing Campaigns

Like a Dog with a Bone, laser-focused on an objective? Bark! Branding  can boost your specific project or marketing campaign. Testing out a new product or service? or maybe expanding your current business to new audiences. Bark! can help define your metrics of success or boost your project with 'Paw'sitively perfect creative assets



Need some help? 
Like a blind dog in a meat market, 
sometimes its hard to pick the right direction you need to take your business or project. 
Bark! Branding can help. We are experts in today's best practices in marketing, business strategy and social media engagement.

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